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A La Carte has been open for 5 months now and what a blast it has been! Over the last 5 months, we’ve watched and listened to our customers. What we’re hearing is that you need to get out of here faster and you need some more economical options! We understand, you have to get back to work and the economy is tough right now. That’s why we’re adding on to the menu next week. We’re keeping a few of your favorites and expanding our menu to offer a more “business friendly” lunch. Look forward to seeing some new sandwiches on the menu, some quicker Lunch Entrees, and the Spicy Tomato Bisque is back to stay! We’ll be back at market for some new equipment to help accomodate these quicker items.

We”re servin’ up ┬ábreakfast! Starting this Saturday (May 14) , A La Carte will be open for breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. We will also be open for lunch on Mondays. The new menu will be posted over the next couple of days….keep an eye out!

Dinner…..hasn’t dinner been wonderful :) What we’re hearing is that people are a little intimidated to walk into our dining room. The formal table setting, the wine glasses, and Ella Fitzgerald humming in the background may have something to do with that :) So, we’re bringin’ it down a notch. The formal table setting has gone way, although you will still find linens and candlelight on the table. You may hear a different tune in the dining room as well.┬áDinner hours are changing. We will now be serving dinner on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings only. Dinner will no longer be available on Tuesday and Wednesday Nights. Wine and Dine will move to Thursdays, we wouldn’t take 1/2 price wine away! The same high quality food will still be available, but you may see some more economical options being brought to the table as well.

Family Meal: Please pre-order your family meal. We started doing it this week because everyone asked for it to come back. Do you know that we haven’t had any orders? If this doesn’t get up and running from the folks that asked for it, you will see it go away quickly. We love this idea and want to offer this to you, but you have to order it :) If everyone really wants family meal, we will consider staying open until 6:30 for Carry Out business only.

Customer Service: This will never, ever, ever, change at A La Carte. If you receive bad service, we want to hear about it! If you receive great service, we want to hear about it! It is our goal to always provide our customers with top notch customer service.

If anyone has anything that they would like to suggest, request, or comment on, please email us at ContactUs@alacartefwb.com.

We thank you all for your loyal patronage and look forward to accomodating your needs as much as we can. Keep talking to us, and we will keep listening.

NEW Hours of Operation:

Monday – Wednesday 11-2

Thursday – Friday 11-2, 5-9

Saturday 8-2, 5-9

Sunday 8-2


Best Regards,

Chef Shawn and Olivia


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  1. #1 by Scott - June 1st, 2011 at 09:49

    Great to hear about Breakfast and Family meals.

    What every you do … Do not take your food quality a notch !!

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