Backstage Pass at Uptown Station

There’s something new at Uptown Station!

You’ve probably seen the silver towers in the parking lot near Art Street Gallery and wondered what’s happening. ┬áThis is forming the entrance to Backstage Pass at Uptown Station a new performing arts venue for the Heartbeat of the Emerald Coast.

Backstage Pass forms the link between the older or ‘Heritage’ side of Uptown Station and the new side including J G Plaza and the new retail center. ┬áThe pass leads past a new store for As Seen on TV and More, and into a grass area where we will have concerts, performances and and area for people to come and just Chill Out!

There’s an amazing, music themed center piece being created for Backstage Pass – watch this space for more news on that.

The first events for Backstage Pass will be the Open Mike Nights for the Emerald Coast Legends talent contest to be held in June – check out the news and calendar for more info.