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Would  you like to book an event in Central Park? Look no further – here you’ll find  documents for booking events – anything and everything you need.  If you don’t see what you need, contact


Store Directory

An electronic version of the Store Director is on this site (Click Here), and printed versions are on display around Uptown Station and from dispensers in information kiosks, hotels and condominiums around the area. However, if you want to print your own copy to bring with you, here’s the file to download and print…..

Uptown Station Store Directory June 2011

Other Documents

Holding Events at Uptown Station

We frequently allow events to be held at Uptown Station, particularly in Central Park. These can range from Kid’s birthday parties, through Charity events to Trade Shows. In all cases, you will need to contact our Marketing Department (Phone numbers and email addresses below) and then there are the inevitable forms to complete. We’ve added those forms here to make it fast and easy to get your event set up.

1. Commercial Organizations.

If you would like to use any part of Uptown Station for an event, and you are commercial organization ( A business, Charity, Not-for-Profit etc), then you should call our Marketing Department on 850-301-0757 first.  Then you will need to complete these two forms and return them to us, at the address we give you.

Personal Application for Central Park

Insurance Form

2. Personal applications (Birthday parties etc)

If you are an individual and wish to use part of Uptown Station for an event (Perhaps a birthday party in Central Park?) then you will need to contact the Marketing Department on 850-301-0757 or email, then complete the following two forms and send them to the address we will give you.

Personal Application for Central Park

Insurance Form