Central Bark – Uptown Station’s off-leash dog park.

The only off-leash park in Fort Walton Beach

The only off-leash park in Fort Walton Beach

Welcome to Central Bark, Uptown Station’s special and exclusive Pet Park.

When we created J G Plaza at Uptown Station, we saw that we had an area that could just be grass which would be great for people, or we could build a park just for the Uptown Station puppies!

So, here is Central Bark, a fenced area where dogs can hang out and do what they like to do.

We have fenced the whole area, and there are two separate areas, so if needed we can have a ‘big dog’ and ‘little dog’ area, or we can hold an event in one half and let puppies just play in the other.

There is a water spigot and dog bowls for fresh clean water; play equipment for those inclined to exercise, and plenty of grass to run and play on.

We have trash containers and bags for those little ‘personal’ moments our puppies have, and Central Bark is regularly cleaned an maintained.

We’re also planning events, and obedience and agility lessons. Let us know what you’d like to see?

Come and bring your puppies to Central Bark.

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