Advertising on the Uptown Station music system

Advertising on Uptown Station Radio is easy and really inexpensive!

As you walk round Uptown Station, you’ll hear own own radio station playing music for the shoppers. Think of how many  people listen to that music as they shop at Uptown Station! You can have an advert on this radio station for only $5 per month.

You can supply us with a pre recorded ad – maybe one you have used on the radio, or we can put you in touch with a production company.

To hear a sample ad CLICK HERE.

A 15 second ad is $5.00 per month, a 30 second ad is $10.00 per month.  A four month minimum contract applies.

You can change your ad once every 2 months and up to 6 times a year.

To request a contract CLICK HERE

To submit information for us to create and ad for you CLICK HERE

To submit an amendment to a current ad CLICK HERE