Walk the Mall – at Uptown Station

Get fit, have fun – Walk Uptown.

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We know that many folks like to take a gentle walk to keep fit and what better way to do this than walking past interesting stores? At Uptown Station we have a route marked out for our Uptown Express children’s train and someone pointed out that a walk round the tracks is just under half a mile – which got us thinking that we have the ideal way to go Mall Walking.

There are two separate tracks laid out around Uptown Station -a short route that runs round Central Park which is 96 feet or 0.2 miles, and a longer route that goes right around Uptown Station which is half a mile. Both go past all our fascinating stores and quite a few tempting restaurants!

Of course, there are benches should you need to rest a while, drinking water fountains and public bathrooms (in Central Park, by the train station). Most of the route can be walked under cover if the weather isn’t perfect and of course there is plenty of parking all around the route.

Both walking routes are shown on the map of Uptown Station and shown in the store directory.

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